What’s playback theatre?

Hobart Playback Theatre can bring any event to life by facilitating the sharing of personal stories and enacting them in a unique and powerful theatrical experience.

What happens in a playback performance?

Playback is story telling. In a playback performance, a skilled facilitator gathers ideas, perspectives and stories from different voices in the room giving life to the unique experiences of the group in a safe space. Moments and stories are shared as actors bring the stories to life with music, artistic shape and insight. Each audience member’s recollection of a moment or experience from their own lives serves as a catalyst for a compelling dramatic performance. These spontaneous true stories will resonate through the audience. Performances run for around 75 minutes.

How can Playback benefit the audience and wider community?

Playback is used internationally in a diverse range of settings and is a powerful tool for enhancing connections within a community. By sharing their stories, audience members experience a greater degree of empathy and are empowered by seeing their own stories brought to life and validated.

Who does Hobart Playback perform for?

A playback performance can enhance conferences, workplace training, community groups, personal celebrations, festivals, schools, churches…

Hobart Playback Theatre has previously performed for:

  • Tas Pride Festival
  • Migrant Resource Centre
  • Tasmanian Polytechnic
  • Dunalley Primary School
  • The Friends’ School
  • Tasmanian Early Years Foundation
  • Risdon Prison
  • Anglicare Tasmania
  • Hospice Care
  • Glenorchy City Council

How do I book Hobart Playback for a performance in my community?

Please contact Hobart Playback Theatre Company to enquire about hosting a Playback performance in your area. We have travelled around Tasmania to perform, and can stage an event in school halls, community spaces, or even outdoors.

Our costs vary depending on our audience’s needs and may be supplemented by a grant.

For further questions or to make a booking, please contact us.